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Durham Police Officer Shoots Woman

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DURHAM — A Durham woman was shot by a police officer Sunday evening after he responded to a disturbance call at 908 Virgie Street.

According to investigators, Officer V. A. Silva arrived around 6:30 p.m. and found 44-year-old Barbara Curtis standing on the porch with a knife. At that point, she advanced toward Silva.

Cpl. Fran Borden of the Durham Police Department said the officer repeatedly told Curtis to put the knife down before shooting her in the lower abdomen and hip.

"The officer believed there was an imminent threat of danger," Borden said. "He drew his weapon and fired twice."

As officers searched for any remaining evidence, Curtis's live-in boyfriend, Keith Burke, returned home, shocked by what he learned had happened.

"I believe there was another way to confront somebody, especially a female, without shooting them," Burke said.

Curtis is in satisfactory condition at Duke University Medical Center.

Officer Silva has been relieved of duties until the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation completes its investigation.