Local News

Dime Found in Halloween Treat

Posted October 31, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— A Johnston County man reported Sunday that one of the Halloween treats his child received Saturday night had been tampered with.

John Collie said his four-year-old got a Rice Krispie treat with a dime in the middle of it. The package looked like it had been cut with a razor and glued back together, Collie said.

Because Collie, who is from Johnston County, went trick-or-treating with several other parents Saturday night in Wake County, he has been getting the runaround from several law agencies over which one has jurisdiction over the case.

"I'm angry," Collie said. "The way I've been treated so far, I think it's wrong, it's very unprofessional. This is absurd when you call five different people and get five different answers."

Collie said Raleigh police are now on the case.