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Candidates: Please Vote (For Me)

Posted October 30, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Only days away from Tuesday's election, candidates are making their last-minute pitches for support this weekend. And, with many tight state and local races, voter turnout may be more important than ever.

Many of the races on Tuesday's ticket are just too close to call. Both parties believe that voter turnout will be the decisive factor this year.

They're doing everything they can to get their supporters to the polls.

Volunteers are plotting their strategy for increasing voter turnout in Southeast Raleigh. Armed with the names and adressess of registered voters, they're going door to door, encouraging residents of the Chavis Heights neighborhood to cast their ballots on Tuesday.

The campaign season is coming down to the wire, and many races will hinge on who gets their supporters to the polls.

Craig Croom of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity says that voter turnout is going to be crucial on Tuesday.

"I can't emphasize that enough because we are going to have some very tight races here in Wake County, in terms of the senate race, the sheriff's race, they'll all be tight," Croom said.

In North Raleigh, Republicans are working the phones. They'll place thousands of calls to the party-faithful over the weekend, reminding them that campaigns, like the US Senate race between John Edwards and Lauch Faircloth are locked in a dead heat. Campaign volunteer George Stephens knows it's very important to mobilize the party's supporters.

"We have a list of Republicans, and we're calling them and reminding them that it's going to be important that they get out and vote. People I've called say they're going to be there, so I'm encouraged," he said.

Voter turnout could have the biggest impact on the Faircloth-Edwards race. Both candidates have very busy campaign schedules for the next few days. They'll be working hard to mobilize their supporters, and make sure they vote on Tuesday.