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Leaders Hope to Give Industrial Area in Southeast Raleigh a Face-Lift

Posted October 26, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— The run-down industrial area in southeast Raleigh may get a face-lift. A project is in the works to recycle the land into prime real estate.

As our region grows, businesses have migrated out of some of Raleigh's central businesses areas. Places like the stretch of Garner Road just south of downtown have become run-down.

Now, city planners, business leaders and community groups want to spruce up the area and lure companies back in. With a little fixing up, it could quickly become marketable real estate.

"It's just sort of been skipped over for easier pieces of land to develop, because it's easy to go out where no one has been before, lay down some infrastructure and build a new building," said Raleigh planner Carolyn Misch. "There is a lot of potential here, some big parcels that really could be used or put to better use."

To get the ball rolling, the project's backers hope to get several programs in place that will bring tax credit, industrial waste clean-up funds and marketing help to landowners.

"The tax incentives would definitely help us in what we are trying to do," said resident Shelby Taylor.

Real estate analysts say recycled land, like where one Raleigh lumber yard is being converted into townhomes, is a growing trend.

"It makes a lot of sense, especially from a public sector standpoint, to encourage development back in close, because you've already spent public money on the roads and on the sewer. You've got a fire station near by. You are already having garbage trucks go up and down that street," said real estate analyst Eric Karnes.

Farmer Street is one example of a road they want to work on. The plan is to have Farmer Street paved. Other tasks would include removing brush and helping business owners fix up their store fronts.

Civil leaders will be meeting with the business owners, bankers and community leaders on Nov. 12. They are hoping that within a year, some of the work will begin.