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South View Students' Homecoming Spirits Remain High Despite Vandals

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FAYETTEVILLE — Vandals splashed graffiti all around South View High School's football field, and dug holes in the ground. The damage was so bad, Friday's homecoming was in jeopardy. But the word got out, and the people got busy.

South View High School leaders say cleaning up the damage at a price tag of about $4,000 is really not the issue.

The issue is a bunch of vandals who have ruined an exciting time of year for 2,400 high school students who have been on their best behavior.

There are three huge holes on South View High School's football field, and graffiti is just about everywhere. Sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, someone painted the goal post, the bleachers, the signs, trash cans and concession stands.

"This is a clear case of stupidity. This has nothing to do with rivalry. Rivalry involves kids doing the right sort of thing. This involves idiots," said Principal Bob Barnes.

While the field is being repaired, two rounds of this week's Mid South Conference Soccer Tournament had to be moved to different locations.

And while the field should be patched up by Friday night's homecoming game, pre-homecoming activities had to be rescheduled at other sites.

South View administrators do not believe any of their students are responsible, because whoever did the damage spelled South View as one word instead of two. Students say whoever is responsible will not rain on their homecoming parade.

"Our school pride has grown even more," said student Zuileika Rivera.

The stadium already has a fence. Hope Mills Police will beef up patrols, but the school system's security supervisor says the field is so dark and so big it would be easy to overlook a trespasser at night.

"Where these folks are doing their stuff, they probably couldn't be seen with the headlights of a car," explained security supervisor Chip Grammer.

The principal says they have seven suspects who are students. WRAL was told they are not from Westover High who plays South View Friday night. And they are also not from Cape Fear who South View beat in overtime last Friday night.


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