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Franklin Students Learn Values Through Character Education

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FRANKLIN COUNTY — At Youngsville Elementary School, along with reading, writing, and math, the kids are learning about values.

"It's been stressed and integrated into the curriculum, and we expect them to practice these once they've learned them," said teacher Teresa Howard.

It's called character education. Each month, the students learn about a different value. This October it's responsibility.

"You have a responsibility to do your homework, help your sister with her homework and do chores around the house," explained student Antroine Cooke.

Advocates for our children say character education in the schools is great, but some would like to see more. They say it's the entire community's responsibility to raise successful children.

At a summit in Raleigh, leaders from schools, law enforcement agencies, churches and businesses came together to learn more about how they can help kids build character.

"The most fabulous thing would be if you had schools and congregations and families and youth organizations all speaking the same language about character and values," said Dr. Peter Benson, president of the Search Institute in Minneapolis.

Researchers say that would reinforce what some kids are already learning in schools, what they should be learning at home.

"When we get older, if we know this, we'll be able to learn how to live on our own and be good grown-ups," said student Nicki Cain.

Good advice for any age.

Benson says research shows children who learn core values when they are young make better parents, workers, and leaders when they grow up. Reporter: Betsy Sykes

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