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DMV Fails Several Buses Carrying Students to the Fair

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RALEIGH — Schools across the state send students in charter buses to the State Fair. DMV officials inspected those buses Thursday, and found many of them have problems - some that make the buses unsafe.

Close to 200 buses roll into the State Fair parking lots each day full of students, civic groups and church organizations. DMV officials greeted them with random inspections, and they say most of the buses have some sort of safety violation.

Cracked windshields, and bad light bulbs were some of the minor safety problems DMV Enforcement officials found Thursday, but they also found some serious problems. Five buses were taken out of service -- two for bad tires, one for loose bolts on a wheel. The other two had problems with their drivers.

"We're looking to see if the drivers have driven more than their proper hours in the last seven days," DMV Sgt. E.G. Boykin said.

"It took me 15 minutes to load, then I went back up to driving," bus driver Gilbert Williams said.

Williams said that his log is up-to-date, but he knows what would have happened if it was not. "They would have, they could have made me sit for eight hours without moving the bus," he said.

DMV Officials say it's important to assure the safety of everyone who rides charter buses. Passengers, like Reynica Casanova, were grateful.

"The bus driver, he's responsible for all these children and getting them home safe, and the parents, they expect for their children to be safe," Casanova said.

Most of the minor safety violations were fixed immediately. When a busisplaced out of service, the DMV calls the company to send another bus so passengers can be taken home.

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