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Missing Street Signs Could Cost Critical Time in an Emergency

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ORANGE COUNTY — In an emergency, nothing is more important than a fast response. A few seconds can save a life, or cost one. And that's what worries some Orange County residents who live in a hard-to-find neighborhood.

John Wilson remembers the day when a neighbor called the police, and the officers couldn't find his street. Residents worry about how long it would take an ambulance to arrive in an emergency.

There are few street signs in Wilson's subdivision. Residents say it's more than just an inconvenience -- the confusion could be deadly.

Mike Tapp, with Orange County EMS, says getting lost is a roadblock that could cost rescuers precious time.

"You're out to provide a level of service...This delay could mean the difference between life and death," Tapp says.

Hillsborough's Town Manager says it is the developer's responsibility to put up street signs.

Officials with Centex, the developer of Cornwallis Hills, say there was a problem ordering the signposts. They say the last missing sign should be in place soon.

John Wilson takes small comfort in the reassurance. Wilson has a heart condition, and says "I still don't feel that if I called, I don't think they'd show up." Reporter: Todd HauerPhotographer: Dave Renner


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