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Cary Violent Crime Rate Rises

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CARY — Across the state, there's less violent crime this year than last. One exception isCary-- a town many people feel is safe -- where the number of robberies has doubled.

There were 19 robberies through Sept. of last year in Cary. This year, there were 40 robberies in the same time period.

Residents are concerned.

Police officers are concerned too, but they also say one group may be responsible for the increase.

The robberies have taken place primarily at businesses: video stores, pizza shops, movie theatres. Cary police say a rash of robberies during a short time caused the increase.

"Through June 1, we had a 100 percent increase," says Cary Police Lt. Steve Lee. But, Lee says, the department can account for the increase.

"One group has done 13 armed robberies in Cary, that caused our 100 percent jump during that period of time," he said.

Police recently made an arrest in Chapel Hill, and authorities believe the person may be connected with robberies in Cary and Raleigh. There have been no robberies of commercial businesses since the arrest.

Officials believe the worst may be over.

To stay safe, authorities recommend that businesses place surveillance cameras near the cash register. They also remind people to hand over any money a robber wants, since cash can be replaced, but human lives cannot.

While the number of robberies in Cary has doubled, it's also important to realize the chance of becoming a victim is still much lower than in other towns.

The latest census numbers, and the attorney general's crime report, show Cary residents have a one in 1,346 chance of being robbed.

The table below illustrates the odds of a resident being robbed in other local cities.

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