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Wake Commissioners Debate New 911 Communication System

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RALEIGH — Monday,Wake CountyCommissioners debated a plan to buy a multi-million dollar communications system for the new 911 center.

There were a number of factors to weigh before they voted. The main objective for the commissioners is to save lives, and they believe that a new communication center will accomplish that goal.

However, there is a lot of debate over how much the new system will cost. Wake County has already angered Raleigh, because it plans to set up its own 911 center. Right now, the city and county operate one together in downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh leaders have contended that the current system is sufficient. While there had been some discussion of a compromise on the 911 center, no agreement appears imminent.

Monday morning the county was warned by a Raleigh communication expert about the decision the county is voting on. Tyler Glover claims that the new system has several flaws.

"The main reason I am opposed to the system is that it is a proprietary system," Glover said. "Only one vender, in this caseMotorola, can provide equipment for the system. I don't understand how the county can view this as a wise business decision. It's about to get involved in what will seemingly be a 20-year relationship where if somewhere the county becomes disillusioned with the sole supplier, we'll have nowhere else to turn."

Glover said that he has no financial gain by offering his viewpoint.

State Sen. Eric Reeves also voiced opposition to the plan. He says that there is a lot of technology that is currently being worked on that could make the new system obsolete.

The Morrisville Fire Chief spoke in favor of the plan. He said that his department bought this system about 10 years ago, and he has been pleased with its efficiency.

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