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Police Identify Local Man as Victim In Fairgrounds Train Accident

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RALEIGH — Police have identified James Michael Kelly, of Fuquay-Varina, as the man struck and killed by a train near the State Fairgrounds Monday night. Officials say Kelly was at the fair before the accident, possibly seeking employment. They say he was turned away because was intoxicated.

Kelly, a 29-year-old white male, was carrying no identification when he was hit. Authorities have confirmed that he was seeking employment at the fair over the last few days. They say he was asked at least once to leave the fairgrounds.

Witnesses say Kelly was crossing the tracks when he was hit by a westbound freight train. Police received the call around 9 p.m., and responded to the accident scene along Hillsborough Street across from Dorton Arena.

Officers speculate Kelly may have been on his way to aparking areaon the other side of the tracks when he was hit.

The area is a busy spot for fair parking. People have to check with police before going to their cars.

Troopers are stationed at the crossing on Hillsborough and Blue Ridge, and at another gated crossing at Powell and Hillsborough, but people don't always use them.

"When people come from towards N.C. State, it's hard for us to control when they're crossing the tracks that far away from us," Sgt. J.D. Maxwell said.

Pedestrians say they don't see the danger, as long as they look both ways before crossing.

Witnesses say the conductor of the CSX engine sounded the horn, and tried to stop the train, but could not.

Taylor says the conductor will not be charged in connection with the accident.

Reporter: Betsy Sykes,Julie Moos

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