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State Inspectors Spend a Day at the Fair

Posted October 13, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Inspectors spent the day at the Raleigh Fairgrounds to make sure your trip to the State Fair is a safe one. They checked the rides for anything and everything that could go wrong.

After an accident at a fair in Sanford last month, inspectors are being extra careful for the State Fair.

It was a scary and painful fall to the ground for the seven passengers on the Spider last month at the Lee County fair.

Henry Madenspacher is North Carolina's chief ride inspector. "We don't know if it was bad from the day it was made or what," he said.

Inspectors do not know what went wrong on the Spider ride, and that is why you will not see any Spiders whirling at the State Fair. The midway in Raleigh opens Friday.

Some of the other 75 rides are already running, and some are still going up. So far seven rides have passed inspection, but at least two have a few problems.

The two that have not passed inspection are the Ring of Fire and the Skydiver.

Inspectors will also keep a close eye on the Zipper.

Madenspacher says it is known for problems with metal fatigue. "Just about every setup has cracks in the tracks because the tubs are stressed moving and spinning around at the same time," he said.

You and your family can feel secure when you get to the fair. There will be more inspections Thursday and every day during the fair.

Until a ride passes inspection, it is not allowed to operate. Reporter: Todd HauerPhotographer: David Renner