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Troopers Go Undercover to Take the Rage Out of the Road

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — If you are in a hurry on your way home or to work and you are aggravated by another motorist, you may want to think twice about flipping them off or swerving in front of them.

That motorist may be an unmarked state trooper. In just a few days, eight such cars and trucks will be cruising the interstates looking to ticket road ragers.

It looks like an average motorist heading north on Interstate 95. But the man driving the car is a far cry from an average motorist. He is a trooper, and his undercover car is meant to blend in with traffic so he can ticket drivers who cannot keep their cool.

"An aggressive driver is a person who is speeding or a person who is following other vehicles too closely. Someone who is a risk taker," explained Sgt. R.E. Clendenin.

"These are the people who we are talking to at accident scenes, and they're quick to tell you that they took a risk that they shouldn't have," said Clendenin.

While the car looks like a typical motorist on the outside, it's equipped with all the law enforcement tools.

"We have the in-car camera for officers' safety, and we have the violator on camera. If we have any trouble or anything, that's a good device to have. Also we have the radar," said Trooper Tracy Coleman.

Troopers have taken steps to keep violators from wondering if the person stopping them is not someone impersonating an officer.

"If you are stopped, you will see the lights flashing. You will hear the siren, and when the person steps out, he will be in full uniform," explained Coleman.

Troopers believe the eight vehicles will go a long way in cutting down the number of interstate accident victims.

All eight trucks and cars are different colors and different makes.


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