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Sedgefield Homeowners: "Don't Buy Here"

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RALEIGH — It's a bad sign for an up and coming neighborhood in Raleigh. Residents are taking an unusual step to discourage others from buying homes in the neighborhood.

In a brand new sub-division, you would never expect to see signs that read "Don' Buy Here." But those signs are scattered throughout the Sedgefield neighborhood in northeast Raleigh.

Residents who have already bought say they are upset that the pool they were promised has not been built.

"They said it was going to be done, I think, in June. Come June, there was no pool," said homeowner Sam Mustafa. "We asked about it, and they said, 'well, the guy that was supposed to make the pool, he's busy.'"

But the developer says she is not buying that complaint. Sedgefield developer Joy Owen says she never promised the homebuyers the pool would be finished this summer.

"The pool really is not an issue," Owen said. "It's always been planned. We are working on it. It's in progress. It's in the permitting stage. Basically, I guess until we get the permit, our hands are tied."

But residents say the pool isn't the only issue. They say the neighborhood is littered with construction debris. And they say the smaller homes being built will lower their property values.

The developer says all the new homes meet the covenant of the neighborhood. Some of the other neighbors say it is the signs that lower the property values.

"If they are talking about house values, the realtors are not going to show this area to anybody with all these signs up," said homeowner Bob Corbett.

The signs will stay up until these homeowners are glad they bought here.

The developer says that as soon as the zoning permit is approved, the community pool will be built. It should happen this fall.

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