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Bumper Stickers Make a Sticky Situation in General Assembly

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RALEIGH — "Can't feed them don't breed them." Ever since a state senator passed out bumper stickers with that message written on them this week, there has been a fight brewing. The stickers are seen as an insult to those on welfare.

It all started Wednesday when House republicans held a news conference on welfare reform.

Republican Senator Hugh Webster reportedly showed up and passed out stickers that some find offensive. Now, House Republicans are distancing themselves from this sticky situation, and Thursday, the Legislative Black Caucus shot back.

"I think this is the most abhorrent thing I've seen happen in this General Assembly even from the time that I have been here," said Rep. Mickey Michaux.

"If he has a problem with it, he should go to the source of it and not find the entire republican delegation as being a part of it. We are not a part of it," said Rep. George Holmes.

While House republicans are trying to keep this debate about policy, the Black Caucus sees it as much more.

"The insensitivity we see on the part of many folks in the white majority toward what's going on in the overall black community," said Michaux.

And what does the guy accused of creating the controversy have to say? There is no telling, because Webster is in Nevada for his son's wedding, unavailable for comment.

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