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Life Chain Demonstrators at Fayetteville Roadsides

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FAYETTEVILLE — Saturday, two explosive devices were found at abortion clinics in Fayetteville. Sunday, right-to-life supporters were on the street as part of a nationwide demonstration.

People chanting slogans and carrying signs were seen in several North Carolina towns Sunday, including Fayetteville. But the march was a little different since feelings of uncertainty have clouded the event.

These abortion protests were going on in almost 1,000 cities across the country Sunday, called Life Chain. It happens every year, but this year, in this city, things were far from normal.

They prayed and even as dark clouds gathered over Fayetteville, they stood at roadside, their feelings strong.

"One hundred percent I am not for abortion. No. Because a life is precious," said Gloria Bass.

As the members of Life Chain held their posters, Joyce, a police dog, sniffed for explosives to make sure everyone was safe.

"After the latest events, we just wanted to make sure that everyone who was conducting this event is safe," said Cpl. Dan Corrigan, of the Cumberland County Sheriff's office.

The extra security comes after yesterday when someone left a ticking bomb on the front steps of the Carolina Women's Clinic and another bomb ticking near the back window of the Hallmark Abortion Clinic. Just last month, someone set fire to the same two abortion clinics here in Fayetteville.

Scarlett Chaney is with Fayetteville's right-to-life group, she says normally 1500 people would be out on the streets protesting. Today, fewer than 300 showed up.

"This is the day we have set aside to pray, to dedicate to the lord, and it has just been devastating," she said.

Members of Life Chain said they were sure no one in their group had anything to do with what happened Saturday, and said they don't believe in any kind of violence.

There is nothing new locally to report on the bombs; ATF agents in Atlanta are dismantling the devices for more evidence.

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