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Roseboro Car Repair Shop Destroyed by Fire

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ROSEBORO — The repair division of a Roseboro car dealership went up in flames early Wednesday morning. The building, tools, equipment and eight cars parked inside for repair work were lost.

Firefighters said the electrical equipment and flammable materials that are normal components of auto service shops helped feed the flames.

The Roseboro Volunteer Fire Department worked with 10 other departments in a 25-mile radius to bring the fire under control.

One department that answered the call was from Hope Mills. That crew brought its ladder truck to augment what could be accomplished by hand-held hoses.

The repair shop is a complete loss, as are the cars brought in by their owners for servicing.

Several adjacent businesses, including a furniture store and a doctor's office, were undamaged.

Fire crews continue to monitor the site, putting out hot spots as they flare up.

Once the rubble cools off, investigators will determine the origin of the fire.

The dealership has been owned by the Owen Brothers since the mid-1960s. The showroom was not damaged, because it is located a block up the street.

The owners have made arrangements with other dealers in the area to handle all repair work. They say their seven mechanics will remain on the payroll while they rebuild. ,John Clark

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