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Erwin Brothers Drown in Neighbor's Pool

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ERWIN — Two young brothers drowned Tuesday after sneaking into a neighbor's swimming pool in Erwin.

No one, except the two boys, knows exactly what happened. Jamal Lodge, 8, and his brother, Aaron Dozier, 7, were last seen riding their bikes Tuesday near the homeowner's yard.

A neighbor called police after seeing the boys' shoes outside the pool's security fence. By the time someone checked the pool, both boys had drowned.

"They're very sweet, outgoing, smart and so kind," said the boys' sister, LaDonna Dozier.

Both boys grew up in Erwin but had moved to the neighborhood just a month ago. Investigators believe they gave in to the temptation of a nearby swimming pool, even though they did not have permission to go there.

No one lives there. The home is undergoing renovation, and the only way in is over a six foot security fence.

"The gate was locked," explained Erwin Police Chief Tom Chandler. "We have no evidence of anybody else being involved. I mean, basically, he took all the measures he could do to provide a secure area for the pool."

Police will look into the case further, but they say it appears that curiosity may be the cause of this small-town tragedy.

Rescue crews tried to perform CPR on the young boys, but it was too late. Investigators believe they may have been in the pool for an hour or more before anyone called 911.