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Spring Lake Authorities Bust Crime Ring

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Police arrested three people after the group allegedly robbed migrants at this Spring Lake trailer home. (WRAL-TV5 News)
SPRING LAKE — Spring Lake authorities say they've broken up a crime ring that targeted migrant workers in neighboring counties for the last several months. Investigators say three arrests could end the series of late-night robberies.

The arrests were made after the group allegedly robbed migrants at a Spring Lake trailer home.

"We recovered the unique handgun they used in the robbery," Spring Lake Police Major Tom Court said. Court also said police confiscated a flashlight, cell phone and pager.

Police say Johnny Mack Norman is the ringleader of the group, which also includes Symba Marie Johnson and Jarvis Eugene Thomas.

"We believe they're involved in this one and several others," Court said. "We think it's going to be a very large investigation. We've contacted the SBI and other agencies because of the multiple similarities in their method of operation."

Police say the group used a decoy to get into the homes they robbed.

"Their method of operation would be to have a prostitute knock on the door and gain entrance to the trailer or home, and they would follow up a short time later," Court said. "We're still investigating her involvement in it, but we have determined she was involved." ,Julie Moos



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