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Nash Deputies Fired, Moral Conduct Questioned

Posted September 21, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Questionable moral conduct was enough to cost two Nash County sheriff's deputies their jobs.

The allegations in the case involve two Nash County deputies and an 18-year-old member of the local Explorer Post, a branch of theBoy Scoutsthat follows rescue workers and deputies around to see what they do.

While no laws were broken when the two deputies allegedly took the young man to an adult entertainment club, the Sheriff says his decision to fire the two dealt with a question of behavior.

Two off-duty deputies, 27-year-old Tony Ebron and 25-year-old William Bethea, allegedly took the 18-year-old to an adult club last month.

Sources within the Sheriff's Department say the young man was the designated driver while the two deputies were drinking.

It's unclear what the three men did inside the adult entertainment business, but it was apparently enough to warrant firing the deputies the next day.

"Due to the facts of the investigation report, it was necessary for dismissal," said Nash County Sheriff Jimmy Grimes.

Grimes was quick to point out that neither deputy broke the law, but they did allegedly break his code of conduct for officers.

Grimes says his deputies are held to a high standard even off the job, especially when they should be acting as role models.

"Certainly we want to hold that professional image that we have, the integrity that we have. We just cannot tolerate that type of behavior," Grimes explained.

Bethea joined the department about a year and a half ago. Ebron started just three months ago. The department will continue to keep its Explorer program up and running.

The Sheriff believes the trip to the adult business shows an isolated case of poor judgement.

"I would hope that we would have no one here that would go to an establishment like that," Grimes said. "If they do, they know we are not going to tolerate it."

Bethea already has a new job as a police officer in the town of Whitakers in Nash County.