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Local Reactions To Clinton's Testimony Vary

Posted September 20, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Millions of eyes were focused on television screens Monday morning when the networks rolled the videotape ofPresident Clinton's testimony before the Grand Jury.

There was a wide range of reactions from disgust to plain old embarrassment. Some thought the testimony was too graphic to be aired on television, and others say the Grand Jury testimony should never be released. But more say the public has a right to see it.

From the first moment the President was sworn in, people around the Triangle were tuning in.

"Once you get to that level, you don't have a personal life," said Eric Yalch. "He needs to take more responsibility for what he does."

For someN.C. State Universitystudents, the testimony confirmed their worst fears about the relationship between Monica Lewinsky and the President.

"He looks pretty guilty the way he goes around answering questions, defining terms," said Brandy Teague. "It's just going to confirm their suspicions."

"I feel sorry for him," said Matthias Bengsch "It seems like he does a lot of lying, now the truth comes out. It's entertaining, but I wouldn't want to be in his position."

As a result of the testimony, many people now say the President should resign.

"The best thing he could do would be to step down," explained Sylvia McCarthy "He's lied to us. I just don't feel like we can trust him anymore."

Most of the people contacted say they tuned in because they were simply curious. But few of them intended to watch the entire four hours of testimony.