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Durham Man Remembers POW-MIA Day

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DURHAM — Black POW-MIA flags flew over most government buildings Friday. It was POW-MIA day -- although one man in Durham couldn't find any local activities to attend.

So Hugh Lecky of Durham created one in his own front yard.

"In Vietnam there are still 2,086 men and women not accounted for. And I wanted to remember them. Even if I was just a party of one," Lecky says.

Lecky was a chaplain in the Vietnam war and a hospital corpsman in the Korean war. Wounded twice, Lecky has two Purple Hearts.

He ties the sacrifices of military people with the lives people enjoy today.

"These 20,000 cars that are going down in front of my house every day are able to do that because there are some people that gave their lives -- and are still there," Lecky said. "They're still out there some place and the only thing is that the families of those people want to know what happened to them."

Lecky's own brother died as a POW, and he brings out early photos and his brother's burial flag.

"And it's a memory. It's a reminder of who and what I am as a human being with other human beings that cannot be here," he says.

Hugh Lecky's vigil included 24 hours of prayer and fasting.

And he's accepting any worn out American flags, which he plans to retire with a ceremony.

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