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Fayetteville Housing Development Meets Opposition

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FAYETTEVILLE — A new housing development is open in Fayetteville, but not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat.

Homeowners who live nearby fought the development every step of the way.

Families began moving into the complex Tuesday. Neighbors do not think the apartments are ugly, but they believe that the complex should not have been built in the first place.

"Why don't you spread it around in the city, maybe in some of those areas of people who were so fond of the idea of low-income housing," said Fayetteville resident John Cortel. "Put it in their area instead of concentrating it in our area."

Cortel is one of several residents upset to see the Longview Apartments open. He says the area already has several other subsidized housing projects. And there is another problem. Traffic.

Residents say with 48 new families moving in, busy traffic along Longview Road will only get worse.

"Trying to get in and get out of this neighborhood has gotten so you cannot do it," explained Fayetteville resident James Rose.

They are also concerned that the apartments will hurt their property values.

Officials with the private company that owns the apartments understand the neighbors' concerns, but disagrees with them.

"What affects property values is lack of activity in an area," said Murray Duggins, president of United Companies. "If we can maintain this development like it should be maintained, there's no reason it shouldn't increase property values in the neighborhood."

The apartments will be rented to working families and the elderly.


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