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Hillsborough Street Rocks After State Win

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RALEIGH — The Clinton Crisis was far from most people's minds Saturday night on Hillsborough street in Raleigh. They were all thinking about football.

Unranked N.C. State clobbered number 2 Florida state in their football game at Carter-Finley Stadium. It was a huge upset, and as a result, it was wild night of celebration.

The horns were blaring, the toilet paper blanketed the stop lights and the fans were in disbelief on Hillsborough street because their Wolfpack beat the feared Florida State Seminoles.

When the game ended the fans ripped down the goal post and headed to campus.

On Hillsborough Street the fans lined the sidewalks and chanted for their team.

Several students who carried the goal post out of the stadium and as far as the Beltline, said police stopped them in their tracks with pepper spray.

"It was total pandemonium, because they were cussing at everybody and telling them to get out of the road," one student said. "We were running, and the next thing I knew, I was choking. The more I would breathe in, the more my chest would hurt."

This altercation did not stop the hysteria on Hillsborough Street.

"It's insane," one fan shouted. "It's phenomenal. It's great. Go State!"

"It was powerful," another fan said. "I'm talking about everybody was pumped up. It was beautiful."

Most of the fans moved off the street around 11 p.m. and into the local bars. The Raleigh police and the N.C. State police were out in force to keep the crowds under control.

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