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Teenager Breaks Into Governor's Mansion

Posted September 10, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Governor Hunt has serious concerns about security after a 13-year-old boy slipped into the Governor's mansion unnoticed.

The boy stole a razor, a knife and a coin from the upstairs living quarters, and was caught leaving the house.

The major concern is that if a 13-year-old boy can break security for a burglary, so could someone with a more dangerous agenda. Security measures have been increased at the mansion since the Wednesday night break-in.

Governor Hunt has also launched an extensive review of security practices at the mansion.

The suspect told police he walked through a set of gates as they opened to let a car in. He also says he slipped into the mansion through a door that is usually manned by a state trooper, a door that leads directly to the security desk.

We do not know if the trooper was at his post at the time.

"We don't know how it happened," Governor Jim Hunt said. "We're very concerned about it because our security system obviously did not work."

Governor Hunt and his wife were not at the mansion when it happened, around 7:00 Wednesday night. But, Hunt says he is concerned about his family's safety.

The teenager got into the private living quarters on the 2nd floor. He was not caught until he tripped an alarm downstairs.

It is not the first breach of security at the governor's mansion. In 1995, a drunk driver fleeing from police smashed through the mansion's gates. Hunt has ordered a review of security practices at the mansion.

"The Governor has directed that an extensive review take place at the mansion to determine exactly what happened, and to determine that nothing like this ever happens again," Hunt Spokesman Sean Walsh said.

Police reports show the 13-year-old gave a false name and address when lawmen tried to question him. He is charged with larceny and breaking and entering.