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Apex Gas Station Gives "Self Serve" New Meaning

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APEX — The first-ever fully automated gas station has opened for business in Apex. Drivers can fill up, without filling up on drinks, or food. People who pull up spend a few minutes looking for an attendant, before discovering the auto-assistant on the video screen.

"We believe there is a high percentage of people that just want to get their gas and get on their way," says Mark Maddox, a Tru-Buy representative.

"I have a child and it's nice not to have to get out of the car, and take her with me to go inside to pay," said one customer.

At the technological center of the gas station is the unique video system. The system monitors customers, acts as security, and even talks back.

"If they're maybe intimidated, the attendant can walk them through that transaction," Maddox said.

"It's new, it's different," said Al Cantu, a security worker for Tru-Buy. "Sometimes they're a little hesitant. A lot of times they're fascinated."

And when they leave, they may also be a little thirsty.