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1 Miller Quint Comes Home; 4 More to Go

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Little Emery Elise is the first Miller quint to go home from the hospital. (WRAL-TV5 News)
WAKE FOREST — If Nancy Miller regards July 7 as Labor Day, it's understandable. On that date she gave birth to quintuplets. And this official Labor Day weekend is a special holiday -- one quint has made it home.

The first of the Miller quintuplets was able to leave the hospital today. Five-pound, two-ounce Emery Elise said good-bye to her siblings and went home with mom and dad. Kent and Nancy Miller say they're ready to start bringing all their babies home.

"We're just thrilled," Nancy Miller said. "We wish we were taking all five of them home but we're thrilled to be getting one of them home and just kind of easing into the whole thing. We're just so excited."

The Millers hope to bring their other four babies home over the next week.


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