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Highway Patrol Ready To Take the Rage Out of the Road

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — If you're going to be among the masses traveling this Labor Day weekend, there's a chance you will run into road rage. TheNorth Carolina Highway Patrolsays holiday traffic often triggers angry drivers, and troopers are ready to put the brakes on road ragers.

We have all been in holiday traffic, and we all hate it. It can be even worse in construction zones.

"That's where traffic slows down; that's when tempers start to raise; that's when you start to have altercations with the driver next to you," explained Sgt. R.E. Clendenin.

It's called road rage. Drivers are becoming so angry that the Highway Patrol is sending out undercover officers this Labor Day weekend to try and catch out of control drivers in the act.

"We are starting to see there is a problem, and now we are starting to do certain things to circumvent it and stop it," said Clendenin.

Troopers are also trying to stop drunk drivers and speeders. This holiday weekend, you will see a trooper every ten miles on the state's most dangerous stretches of interstate.

"The deterring effect in itself, just knowing troopers out there are monitoring the highway system, should help us at least some," said Capt. Bill Apple.

Last Labor Day weekend, 12 people were killed, and another 1,200 were injured on North Carolina roadways. The increased patrol may seem tough, but troopers say calming angry drivers and slowing people down may save your life.