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Family Offers Reward In Deaths Of Mother And Son

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WARREN COUNTY, N.C. — In April, the State Bureau of Investigation ruled the deaths of Glinda Pulley and her son Tyler Jones a murder-suicide, saying the boy killed his mom and then turned a gun on himself. Autopsy reports supported that theory. But, nine months later, family members aren't buying it.

"We know Tyler would not have done this to his mother," said Pulley's cousin Erica Bullock.

"From Day One, it was just, 'That's not what happened,'" said Pulley's cousin Alisha Silver.

While the cousins think they know who may have done this, they're not willing to name names. They do say things in the case just don't add up, pointing out that Tyler adored his mother.

"He was very protective of her, he loved her," said Bullock.

They said the little boy never went near guns.

"He'd gone hunting with his uncle a couple of times," said Silver. "He'd get physically sick if he shot a gun. He was terrified of guns."

The family is now offering a reward for information. The women plan to put up posters in at least three counties. They said they want to find the person responsible. More than that, they want to clear Tyler's name.

"We just want to know why," said Silver. "Why someone would take two beautiful people and rob them of the life they had."

"It's really very hard to deal with," said Bullock. "We miss them a lot."

Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams didn't want to talk on-camera and wouldn't discuss details of the investigation. But he said the case is still open.

Williams said the SBI, not his office, declared this a murder-suicide case, and any information or any leads that come into his office about Pulley and her son's deaths will be investigated.

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