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Surveillance Video Shows Shooting On Durham City Bus

Posted January 10, 2006 5:18 a.m. EST

— The same day Durham authorities released surveillance video in hope of identifying suspects in a weekend shooting on a city bus, officials announced an increased police presence on the buses.

Durham city leaders met Monday to discuss ways to halt violence on, or near, Durham Area Transit Authority buses, following a weekend shooting in which 17-year-old Dante McMillian was shot multiple times.

Surveillance video released to the media show a teenager, presumably McMillian, rolling in the aisle of the No. 2 DATA bus as other people clear the aisle. Police released the video in hope of identifying others involved in an apparent fight that led to the shooting.

That shooting also comes less than two weeks after a teenager was fatally shot in the Northgate Mall parking lot. Police say that incident also started as an argument on a DATA bus.

Durham City Manager Patrick Baker said Monday that he would immediately increase police presence on DATA buses and at bus terminals by adding more DATA transit police officers, as well increasing the number of hours they patrol. Authorities, including plain-clothed officers, will randomly ride more buses on all 16 routes to look for signs of potential violence.

Currently, armed security officers patrol the terminal and the buses from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

After several shootings on DATA buses two years ago, authorities formed a special transit unit and added security cameras and panic buttons to 43 buses. Of those, 32 buses each have six security cameras, and 11 buses each have five security cameras.

Police are searching for 17-year-old Kenneth Patterson in connection with Saturday's shooting. McMillian is recovering from his injuries.

Anyone with information about the shooting or Patterson's whereabouts is asked to call the Durham Police Department at

(919) 560-4440

or CrimeStoppers at

(919) 683-1200