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Mays Takes the Stand, Repeats Previous Testimony

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RALEIGH — Kawame Mays took the stand once before and the jury deadlocked. His attorneys hope the same strategy works in the retrial.

Mays testified Tuesday about the day he shot Raleigh police Detective Paul Hale. The New York native has never denied pulling the trigger, but continued to repeat that he did not know Hale was a police officer.

Watch an 18 second reenactment that the prosecution made withQuickTime,RealVideo(for 28.8 modems), orRealVideo(for ISDN or faster).

Jurors watched an 18 second reenactment, which shows two men approaching the jeep that Mays was hiding in. The men are wearing hats clearly marked police, and carrying police radios.

"Officer Hale didn't have on the blue hat at the time, and he didn't go like that [Mays mimiced the video by motioning his hand forward] with the walkie-talkie out on the door," Mays said.

Mays also presented a video that lasted six seconds, watch the difference of time withQuickTime,RealVideo(for 28.8 modems), orRealVideo(for ISDN or faster).

A second reenactment fits Mays' description of the events, and is six seconds long. By day's end, prosecutors got tired of hearing the same from the defendant.

"The response 'I didn't know he was a police officer', is not the response to every question that I ask you," the prosecutor said to Mays.

Mays is expected to finish up his testimony Wednesday. The jury will also hear about two-and-a-half hours of taped conversation that Mays had with police.


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