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Warning Posted at Shelley Lake After One Woman is Attacked

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RALEIGH — People at one of Raleigh's most popular parks are on alert after a woman says she was attacked by a jogger. Warning signs are going up all over the lake.

People walking along the trail around Shelley Lake can't help but see the signs of trouble. The fliers posted along the trail warns everyone that a woman was attacked at the lake in broad daylight Thursday, August 27.

The warnings are also serving as a safety reminder to be careful in the park and try not to ever be alone.

"It just makes me mad that you're not safe anywhere. This should be our freedom to be able to come and play in the park and walk when we want to," said Clara Hicks, a Shelley Lake walker.

Hicks and a friend make it a habit to always walk together. After seeing the fliers, they're considering stepping up their safety practices.

"We have butterflies, and we say we're going to get a whistle, But then you say what good would a whistle do. But anyway, we're going to get a whistle and make a lot of noise when we are walking. Maybe everything will be okay," Hicks explained.

The woman who reported the attack says she was inappropriately touched by a man who grabbed her while she was jogging.

Raleigh police are not treating this as a sexual assault, but they are investigating.

Captain Longmeyer with the Raleigh police department says this attack is not part of an ongoing problem. People shouldn't be afraid to go to Shelley Lake but practicing common sense safety is always a good idea.