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Nash County Pharmacist Has Prescription for Success

Posted August 30, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— After 20 years behind the counter, Gary Glisson can lay claim as the best in his business, and now he has a trophy to prove it. He has been named as the 1998 Pharmacist of the Year.

Glisson and his pharmacy staff have a lot of loyal customers who say they come for the service.

"I have an excellent staff, and they are excellent customer service advocates. We try to strive and please them and help them solve their problems," Glisson said.

"He looks after you. If he ain't got it he'll get it. He's good about that," said one customer.

A few things set this pharmacy apart from most. Glisson says you won't find more information or products for diabetics anywhere else. From sugar free candy to special shoes.

"Diabetes used to be a disease that killed you, and we've gotten ourselves to the point now where it's very treatable," Glisson said.

Also unusual is Glisson's own compounding service where medicine can be formulated to meet specific customer needs.

"For instance, if you have a patient that can't take a particular product by mouth we can possibly make it in a transdermal form so that it can be absorbed through the skin," Glisson explained.

It's the kind of service Glisson says helps his independent store survive franchise competition.

"I mean we are drug information experts, and that's what we're here to do and that's a big part of our job to provide information to patients and to make sure that they are maximizing their drug therapy," Glisson said.

The award also recognized Glisson for his community service. He's on the Nash Community College Foundation, the County's Economic Development Commission and is active in his area's hospice organization.