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Topsail Residents Shovel Sand, Count Their Blessings

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TOPSAIL ISLAND — Friday was the day of reckoning for those with property on Topsail Island. From the air, the damage doesn't look bad. But how about from the ground?

Topsail residents got their first look at the damage Friday, and for the most part, it was minimal. People at Topsail were hit hardest by Fran, so most feel pretty lucky.

"It's not so hard, but we want to save the grass we planted after Fran," explained Beverly Sellers. "That's all we're doing, trying to get the big stuff off, and hopefully the grass will remain here."

Hurricane Bonnie brought sand about 50-75 yards inland, making the coastal road a part of the beach, at least for a few days.

"The insurance people are going to be holding off from what I hear, while we wait to see what Danielle does," Ed Hampel said. "We're in limbo again. At least I have power."

Many residents are keeping their belongings packed until the threat of Danielle is over.

"You have to take it with a grain of salt. You have to take Danielle with a grain of salt," Heather Spurling, a Topsail resident said. "That salt's going to run out of the shaker sooner or later. That will be your luck, and you could be dead."

They could get hit by two hurricanes in a two week period. Topsail residents say that's just a part of living on the coast.

As for the rest of the island, North Topsail is open only to residents and property owners. You can already hang ten at Surf City.


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