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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Withstands Another Storm

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MANTEO — In Manteo, the Roanoke Sound still has some choppy water, and residents are concerned about some sound-side flooding.

But we have good news from the best known landmark along the Outer Banks.

It's taking a pounding, but it looks like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse will weather yet another storm.

There will be considerable erosion around the well-known symbol of the Outer Banks, as there will be all over the barrier islands.

Bonnie is pounding the beaches, even pushing through on the sounds. Drooping power lines on the roads and in the woods, anything not tied down is getting a ride. But some are still willing to take a casual stroll.

"I'm just taking a little walk right now. I'm a little worried, worried about the house and stuff. I'm just coming out to check and see what kind of damage is getting done right now. It doesn't look so bad, except for that," said Johnny Davis, a Buxton resident.

That is the canopy of a Chevron gas station. When Bonnie took it down, Tom Quarg, an Avon resident, got out of the way just in time.

"I stopped in here to go ahead and get some gas, and I was pumping away. The next thing I knew the state trooper came by and was blowing his siren. I looked up and saw this thing kinda weebling in the wind, and I went ahead and got from under it pretty quick. And it's a good thing I did," Quarg said.

While some people are laughing a little bit at Bonnie, the winds are still whipping right now, but the rain has stopped for some reason this period.

A lot of residents in the area say that the sound side flooding doesn't really come until the storm has passed through. They're still waiting to see what it'll do to Manteo.