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Inland Damage and Flooding Dropping Off

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WILSON — As you go farther inland, the damage and the flooding drop off dramatically. Conditions are quickly improving down east.

For a long time Thursday, rowing a boat was about the only way to get around the Lincoln mobile home park in Wilson.

Earlier Thursday, it looked like water would rush into the homes as sheets of rain added to what fell Wednesday night.

But it didn't happen. The small creek that floods this neighborhood a couple of times a year is quickly going down.

"It was really full but when it stopped raining it started getting lower," said Gilberto Wences, a Wilson resident.

Another close call came when a massive tree dropped across Joyce Lamm's yard. The tree snapped power lines, but it barely touched the house.

"We just thank God that nobody was hurt, and this makes twice that this has happened at the same end of the house. We just thank God everything's fine," said Lamm.

Now that the wind is starting to die down, we look toward the Tar and the Neuse Rivers to see what happens there. If they don't rise out of their banks, we may be out of the woods for good.

Emergency crews say the Tar and Neuse Rivers look pretty good right now. Because of lighter rain in the Triangle, they should be much lower than they were after Hurricane Fran.


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