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Area Airports Beefing Up Anti-Terrorist Security

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MORRISVILLE — Although the Triangle is thousands of miles away from Sudan and Afghanistan, area airports are not taking any chances. Airport security is at full sail at Raleigh-Durham International Airport as officials heed warnings about possible terrorist retaliation for recent U.S. missile attacks.

The Federal Aviation Agency sent out an official advisory to airports all over the country Friday. It calls for a slight change in security, but a change nonetheless. Travelers are cautious, but carrying on.

Some travelers at RDU say the recent attacks are on their minds.

RDU spokesperson Teresa Damiano said, "Airports our size have just been advised to be extra cautious...technically, an increased tightness of alertness is the terminology. Really, we have been at that stage for the last three years, ever since the World Trade Center bombing."

"[I worry about] all the news reports about the terrorists, that they are probably going to retaliate," said international traveler Harry Wooten. "That just bothers me a little bit."

Airport officials advise travelers to allow more time than usual for the possibility of security slow-downs. In some countries, delays of two to three hours are expected. At RDU, officials say one extra hour should provide more than enough time.

They say cars should not be left at the airport curb, and anyone entering the airport will have to have valid photo identification.

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