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Fort Bragg Keeps an Eye on Attacks

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FAYETTEVILLE — North Carolina's military bases are keeping a close eye on Thursday's developments in Africa.

Many Fort Bragg soldiers did not know about the attacks even two or three hours after the president made his announcement.

"If we're bombing terrorist targets, I'm all for it," Sgt. Dan Bookwalter said. "We can't stand there and let terrorist have their way with us. We have to take some form of action, and if it's a terrorist target they deserve what they get."

"It's very important," Sfc. Larry Wimberley said. "We need to stop it if we can, but we don't need to be killing innocent people either. Hopefully, it is doing some good."

Most local soldiers believe that terrorist remain as one of our country's biggest concerns, and they were not surprised after Thursday's attack.

"I think terrorism is wrong," Sgt. Arthur Vidal said. "I'm in the Army, and support my county in what they do. Sometimes you have to do things like that, and that's all I can say, really."

It is not known whether Fort Bragg is directly involved with the attacks.