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Lunchtime Chat Centered Around Clinton Speech

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CARY — Everyone has an opinion, especially the Tuesday lunch bunch at Gypsy's Shiny Diner in Cary. The hot topic of the day is definitely the president.

The food at Gypsy's isn't the only thing that's hot. There is also a lot of heated conversation about President Clinton's speech Monday night. Everyone has something to say:

"I lose confidence in him because I'm afraid that he treats other things similar. That may be wrong. That may not be correct. At least that's the impression I get," said restaurant patron Richard Stephens.

"I feel too that he's doing a good job," admitted Randy Jinks during his lunch break. "I think what he did in his private life should be left in his private life. It shouldn't interfere with what he's doing now."

Regardless of their opinions, almost everyone agrees they want the scandal to end.

"We've spent enough money on something that's not relevant to his job right now," Karen Laskey pointed out. "That $40 million they spent on this case could have gone to something more relevant like the homeless and stuff."

After getting a variety of opinions, WRAL could find no one who was in favor of the president being impeached. They feel Clinton should finish the rest of his term.

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