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UNC's Two Sport Wonder Takes on a New Role

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CHAPEL HILL — Obviously North Carolina's Tyrell Godwin has some talent to offer the game of baseball. The New York Yankees offered him almost $2 million to sign with them out of high school. A year later folks are still asking why he turned it down.

Since he was a kid, Godwin has prioritized his life. He wanted to be high school valedictorian - done it. He wanted to go to college and play two sports - doing it. Then he wants to play for pay. This thought process may help explain why he turned down the Yankees offer a year ago.

"If I had jumped to baseball, I would have been leaving out some big part of my goals in life," Godwin said.

This year Godwin finished forth in batting for the Carolina baseball team, and hit four deep ones.

This fall Godwin will try to cover the deep ones as a cornerback, which is a new position for the former East Bladen running back.

"In high school, I was known as Tyrell who scored five touchdowns or whatever, I mean I could do whatever I wanted to in practice," Godwin said. "Out here, you have to work to earn your position because there is somebody behind you to take it."

The switch to corner has challenged Godwin, but he is being tutored by one of the best, All-American Dre Bly.

"He's quick as a cat," Bly said. "He's the only one I've seen that can recover within two steps, if he missed a step off the line of scrimmage."

"He has more confidence in me right now, than I might have in myself, truthfully," Godwin said.

With more schooling from Bly and practice repetitions, Godwin's confidence will grow and so will his playing time. It is all apart of growing up in a segment of Godwin's life that he didn't want to pass up.

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