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New Lights Alert Motorists to Officers

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville Police cars are getting equipped with a new safety feature. It's not bulletproof glass or more car armor, but it's something that may save a few lives.

Two small trunk lights are making all the difference in the world to Fayetteville Police officers. Now when they have to go into their trunks, they don't have to worry about getting hit.

"Since the installation of the flashing lights in the trunk, there's been no officers injured from a car coming up from the rear," said Lt. Bobby Chapman.

Up until now, when an officer had to get inside of his trunk, the door covered the flashing blue lights. Motorists could hardly see them. That's why they bought the new lights.

"In recent years, we've had a couple of officers struck by vehicles that were approaching from the rear," Chapman explained. This happened a few years ago, causing an officer to injure his back.

"When you're back there busy, trying to get something out and thinking about what you have to do next," Cpl. Billy Krieger said, "You don't have to be as aware as you normally would, because you know you have the red lights that are at least warning people."

It's a warning that has officers breathing much easier. Fayetteville Police say the trunk lights are available to everyone. Ask your car dealer.


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