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Miller Quintuplets Growing Bigger and Stronger

Posted August 13, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Remember the Miller quintuplets? The five babies are now five weeks old. All the babies, four girls and one boy, are doing so well they have been transferred to Wake Medical Center from UNC Hospitals.

The quintuplets may not be home yet, but big sister Anna is already putting their names with their faces: Emery, Grace, Ellie, Maggie and Martin.

Proud parents Nancy and Kent visit with the babies everyday.

"They are cuddly and very sweet to hold, " says Kent. "They encourage us to hold them, so I hold usually try to hold somebody every time."

Nancy is breast feeding three of the quints. She says they are all doing very well, growing and getting bigger everyday.

"I don't think anybody is worried about any long-term things," says Nancy.

Mom is doing well, too. She says it's great to be back at home again after spending nearly two months in the hospital.

"I appreciate things that were work before. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to get up and clean my own counters."

Soon, Nancy and Kent will be cleaning up after five new babies and a two-year-old. They say while the first year will be quite a challenge, it will also be a lot of fun.

The Millers have no doubts about Anna adjusting to the addition of four new sisters and a brother.

"She is a very social child and she loves kids," says Kent. "I think she will be in heaven having these sisters and this brother."

The Millers expect the quintuplets to come home in September. Nancy's due date was September 15th. When the quintuplets do come home, Nancy says they will use different colored nail polish on the babies so they don't get them confused.

Friends and neighbors have volunteered to be at their home around the clock to help out.