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Murder Suspect Assumes Educator's Identity

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RALEIGH — Raleigh Police believe the main suspect in the murder of an Apex educator is posing as the deceased. The suspect allegedly used the driver's license and eyeglasses of the victim to convince merchants to accept stolen credit cards.

Nathaniel Fair Jr., 33, has been on the run since Reubin McNeill was kidnapped and killed last week. Now it appears he is hiding in plain sight by pretending to be the man he is accused of murdering.

Wednesday night, police officers expanded their search to Greensboro after Fair tried to use McNeill's credit cards at a hotel. Police said that the suspect became irate when the credit cards would not work.

Fair is Raleigh's most wanted murder suspect. McNeill's body was found Thursday in Raleigh after he had been missing for two days. Police say Fair has used as many as ten credit cards that belong to McNeill at fast food restaurants around Raleigh.

The suspect also rented a car in the victim's name four days after the murder - the same day police issued warrants for his arrest. Fair allegedly rented a 1998 Ford Mustang black-topped red convertible from a Raleigh car dealership.

"The rental car was leased in the name of Reubin McNeill, and we've talked with the person who leased the vehicle and Mr. Fair has been identified as that person, although he was using the credit cards and identification of the victim, Mr. McNeill," Raleigh Police Lt. Don Overman said.

Police say Fair was wearing McNeill's glasses when he rented the car. When the clerk asked him for ID, he presented McNeill's license. The clerk made an imprint of the credit card, but did not run any charges on it until Tuesday, when the car was returned anonymously.

Detectives believe that Fair has developed a serious crack habit over the past few months, and that he is using the new identity and credit cards to get drugs.

Fair is charged with murder, kidnapping, robbery and obtaining property under false pretenses.

Anyone with information about the case should call the Raleigh police Investigations Division at 890-3555 or Crime Stoppers at 834-help.

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