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Suspect Denies Role in McNeill Murder

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RALEIGH — Two people who may be linked with Reubin McNeill's murder were in court Monday. Brandi Jeter, 20, and Charles Robinson, 22, are charged with using McNeill's stolen credit cards. Robinson talked with WRAL's Len Besthoff from the jail Tuesday morning.

"That's not for me," said Robinson. "I wouldn't take somebody's life for nothing. There's nothing worth me taking somebody's life, especially not for no credit card or anything like that."

Robinson claims he and his girlfriend simply had a chance meeting with murder suspect, Nathaniel Fair, at the Crabtree Valley Mall, and that's when the purchases were made on McNeill's credit card.

"He approached me. He remembered me from the day before, and he asked me what did I want to get at the mall?" Robinson explained. "He said he could get it for me on the credit card, [and] he told me he could give me everything half price."

Robinson admits he should have figured something wasn't right about the whole arrangement, as he went through the mall with Fair. He says he gave into temptation. But Robinson says that's all he and his girlfriend are guilty of, not the murder of Asst. Principal McNeill.

"The main thing right now that I'm kind of concerned about is that his family [doesn't] think that I had anything to do with this," Robinson said. "I really hope that they could believe that. I don't want nobody walking around thinking I... killed somebody or took a member of their family."

Raleigh Police believe both Robinson and his girlfriend, Jeter, may have more to say, but Robinson denies that. Both he and Jeter are being held on $1 million bond.

The thought of being accused of Reubin McNeill's murder nearly brought Charles Robinson to tears, and prompted the end of the jailhouse interview.

Police are still searching for the man they say murdered educator McNeill. They say Fair is their prime suspect. And he's no stranger to crime.

Fair was sentenced to life in prison in South Carolina in 1985 for kidnapping, assault with intent to kill, burglary and rape. He's been out of prison on parole since 1993.

Raleigh Police have more than a dozen investigators working this case around the clock. The department is also offering a substantial reward for any information that leads to Nathaniel Fair Junior's arrest.


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