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Raleigh Rains Turn Cars Into Boats

Posted August 7, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The rain in Raleigh late Friday night turned a parking lot into a river and turned the cars into boats.

At the Kensington Park apartments on Avent Ferry Road the visitors' parking lot floods just about every time there's a heavy downpour.

Friday night some good Samaritans did their best to get some cars to higher ground.

"We got a couple of vistor's passes out to find out whose these other cars were," said Ben Foreman, an apartment resident. "We went knocking on doors, woke one guy up and got his Blazer out. And we knocked on some other doors; no one got up.

"We got a Toyota Tercel out also," said Matt Vandusen, another resident.

"We had to push that out manually," Foreman recalled. "We couldn't find out whose it was -- they wouldn't wake up from knocking on doors. So we just pushed it out."

Some residents were able to get their cars out before any substantial damage was done. Others woke up to some serious engine problems Saturday morning.