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Cary Man Charged with Aiming Camcorder Up Womens Skirts

Posted August 2, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Cary man is facing misdemeanor assault charges after police say they caught him trying to videotape up a woman's skirt at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds Sunday.

Two women said they saw him position a bag containing a camcorder in such a way as to tape the view under women's skirts. Witnesses say the man was carrying a grocery bag near the animal section of the flea market.

Police say the bag contained a shoe box with one end cut to reveal the lens of a camera.

State Fairgrounds police say 52-year old James Lampley maneuvered his camera as women bent over to look at animals in the pet display area at the fairgrounds.

"He was jostling my leg," said one of Lampley's victims. "When I looked down and saw the camera looking at me, I thought 'This is not what I'm seeing.'"

Police charged Lampley with misdemeanor assault on a female. They say he'll probably just get a fine, and no jail time.