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Weight of Party-Goers Collapses Deck

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APEX — A late summer party turned dangerous Friday night, when the weight of between 50 and 100 people caused a section of a deck to buckle.

It happened around 9:30 Friday night off of US-64 in Apex. Witnesses say dozens of young people were having a keg party when the deck collapsed and fell about 15 feet. Several people who were on it were hurt, mostly with minor cuts and bruises, and possibly some broken bones.

"We were standing there just smoking a cigarette," recalled Anthony Lee, "I just got off the deck, and I felt it giving a little bit. I stepped off the deck, and when I did, I turned around and it fell down with about 30 people-- and about a 30-foot section of the deck fell about 15 feet."

Despite Lee's account, Wake County investigators believe there were many more people, as many as 100, on the deck at the time of the accident.

"Just a loud cracking, and then `boom,'" Dion Walcott explained. "A lot of people were screaming and a couple of bumps and bruises."

Nineteen-year-old Kasey George Campfield allegedly had been advertising the party at his parent's home for weeks. He charged $6 to cover the cost of a band and three kegs. Officers say he collected more than $750 over the course of the night. That money was seized by investigators.

Campfield's parents had no idea a party was being held until they received a call at the beach from Wake County sheriff's deputies. Campfield was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and possession with intent to sell and distribute. Nineteen-year-old Jeffrey Michael Williams was charged with possession of marijuana.

Three people received minor injuries from the fall. One person was transported via ambulance to the hospital.

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