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Loyal Democrats Say the Wait to See Clinton Worth It

Posted July 30, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— It was a big day at the State Fairgrounds, not only for the folks who got into the Kerr-Scott Building to see President Clinton, but for those who did not.

They came from all parts of the state, loyal Democrats eager for the chance to see their commander in chief.

"I'm here to see the president, our hero," said one unidentified Clinton fan.

"Is the wait in this line in this heat worth it?" asked WRAL's Laurie Clowers. "It's always worth it to see Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Jim Hunt and John Edwards, and everyone else," admitted two excited women. "We would wait for hours and hours."

Some waited in line for as long as four hours in the sweltering heat only to be turned away at the doors of the Kerr-Scott building. The overflow crowd was directed to the Dorton Arena not to see, but to hear the president speak.

"Could you hear his speech?" Laurie Clowers asked Clinton supporter Dolores Bray. "Not too much," Bray said. "North Carolina and New River came out real clear."

The president did not disappoint. After the main event, he made an appearance to help Senate candidate John Edwards get all the votes he can. The president's abbreviated appearance was long enough to satisfy some loyal supporters.

"I shook his hand," an overjoyed Susan Shearin said. "I'm so excited. [It was worth it.] I was beginning to wonder. We had been over here a long time. This is the hottest I've been in I don't know when. But, it was worth it. I'm really glad."