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Cumberland Park to Be Built Around Wetlands

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FAYETTEVILLE — People in the west end of Cumberland County will finally have a park to call home. In the past, they've had to drive miles to picnic or play baseball. But an oversight is costing the county some very important land.

In then next two years, the two million dollar Lake Rim Park is being built to handle the county's west end population explosion.

"The Lake Rim Park is certainly going to provide a lot of services," says Larry Philpott of Cumberland County Parks and Recreation, "not only from a sports standpoint, but picnicking, trails and playground activities for preschoolers."

"I feel the park is going to be a big help to the community due to the fact, if we want to do any recreational type activity, we have to drive halfway across town," James McLemore, Lake Rim resident, explains.

But the news isn't all good. The baseball field was supposed to be a whole lot bigger, but after the project began, those in charge found out about a big problem. More than two acres of this property has been deemed wetlands and can't be built on, so this field and a nearby parking lot will have to be a whole lot smaller than originally planned.

"We've had to scale back the 285 foot baseball field to a smaller softball or coach pitched size field, and the main act that it's hurting is the 13 and 14-year-old boys," Philpott says.

Even with the wetlands problem, the park will still include tennis courts, outdoor sand volleyball, two baseball fields and plenty of picnic areas.

State leaders recently awarded Cumberland County a $250,000 Parks and Recreation grant. All that money will go into Lake Rim Park development.