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Homemade Wanted Poster Circulating in Cary

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Police flyers take the form of CrimeStoppers -- without photos, names or addresses of possible suspects (WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — Someone in Cary has circulated a wanted poster to neighbors, asking them to be on the lookout for someone police admit has outstanding warrants. But the posters are not authorized by the Cary Police Department, and there may be repercussions.

The poster looks as if it had been disseminated by the police department -- the department's name is at the bottom of the flyer in bold type. But they say they did not put it out, that it was put out by a private citizen -- a private citizen trying to do the right thing.

But the family of the 19-year-old who is pictured on the poster has problems with it.

Although he is wanted on several outstanding warrants, he is not wanted for the burglaries outlined on the poster.

In addition, it lists the address of the family. He does not live with them, and has not been home since May, relatives say.

They do not know where he is, and are very concerned that because of the poster there could be threats or retaliation against the family. They said Sunday cars were driving by and people were walking by their home slowly, looking at their home. They also experienced a rash of phone calls in which people hung up without speaking.

They say they are looking for a lawyer and may be involved in a lawsuit as a result of the poster.

Cary Police say they would not issue such a poster because it could be considered libelous to put someone's photo and name on a poster when they have not been charged with the burglaries referred to.

The police does issue Crimestoppers flyers, and one issued last week does cite burglaries in the area but without mention of a subject or specific person involved in the crimes. Police officials said this is generally what they do when they are investigating burglaries -- they don't release suspects' names or addresses.

The posters were found in a four- to five-block area of the Lochmere subdivision.